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Preparing for the Centennial Parade

Land Run Curlies is a small farm located along the beautiful and historic Route 66 corridor. Our goal is to preserve the Curly Horse as it was intended, with a wonderful, calm and intelligent disposition. Curly Horses are a unique breed of horse that is well suited for just about anything you would ask of them. We strongly believe that the Curly Horse is a horse to treasure.

We discovered the Curly Horse through an adopted Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mare, Rheba. Little did we know at the time that Rheba was with foal.  Rheba gave us a beautiful and intelligent filly, which we named All the Way May. The first thing we noticed was her coat of unusual curly hair. But it was her gentle and sweet personality that made us fall in love with this unique breed of horse. We just had to acquire more of them, feeling that they would enhance our horse breeding program.

We are proud members of the following registries: International Curly Horse Association (ICHO) and American Bashkir Curly Registry (ABCR).

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